The Non-Believers are a race of logically minded free thinking idealogical beings who are not afraid to ask the timeless questions of who am I, where do I come from, and why do I exist? The same questions that man has been asking since his conception. The very questions that no one is asking in our new paradigm. These questions that have now become fake and do not exist. The Non-Believer is a individual who might consider the possibility that the paradox of conspiracy theories is that more often than not they are really “The Truth”.

The Non-Believers are not people who do not believe in spirituality or religion. Far from it. The Non-Believers are the citizens of the world who just can not believe in how far Man has fallen, and how ignorant he has become with his new machine realm in “The Digitalization of Man”. The digital delivery system or machine language is based on 1’s and 0’s and possesses no vibration, leaving a trail of dead art forms in the wake of whatever form of art it touches. It is virtual, thereby bringing us a new significance for the terminology of keeping it real, which has now been terminated. Our old analog communicative systems were vibrational and contained less information making them more ergonomic for our dual hemisphere analog mental processes. The Non-Believer is someone who welcomes all religions for each have their worth, and a commonality of three topics that all of the twelve tribes could agree on. And that would be the music, math, and vibration as described in the single digit Pythagorean numerology.

Following the laws and principles of numerology, the God-Matrix is a 5,000 year old Sumerian duo-decimal number system. This matrix language comes from the birthplace of Man’s first high civilization, and is based on 6’s, 12’s, and the 3000 year old Greek math squares which include “The Trophos” meaning sound. Also incorporated in this numeric axiom of logic are the 3 digit frequencies of the musical notes in the concert pitch of A=432Hz, which are radio waves in the correct planetary key. As an interesting footnote the spoken word of ancient Sumer survived in cuneiform inscriptions which became Mans first written word and library. It is said to be related to no other language, either living or dead. Also interesting is the fact that Heinrich Hertz did not invent radio waves until around 1850.

The perfection of this new vibrational analog matrix contains the keys and codes to the Kingdom and Universe for it is quantum and infinite. I believe that the frequencies contained in the codes which are all divisible by three, posess the key to the secret lost math of Pythagoras that scholars have been trying to solve for three millenniums. This is also a part of the paradox of the Non-Believers for they really are the true believers. Pythagoras believed that our existences were based on numbers moving through time and space that are subjected to the opposites, contraries, and paradoxes in our lives. The main philosophical and theological staple of the Non-Believer is above all else that one should know their self, for this is the most important thing. The second would be to to love one another, and thirdly, become a better person. If you live by these three principles everything else will fall into place.

The Non-Believer is a Pythagorean at heart and has concluded that Pythagoras is one of the three major Prophets. The first being Moses as the Prophet of God and God’s Laws, and then secondly would be Jesus as the Prophet of Man and Man’s Saviour who died for our sins. And now finally in this third historical era of theology will be Pythagoras, the Prophet of the Spirit or Comforter as in the Soul. And Jesus said unto his disciples in the Book of John that the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit will come in my name, to teach you new things, and bring back all remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you.

It is now his time and Pythagoras must be recognized for his contributions to the humanities. Apart from being a musician that played a lyre, and an Olympic athlete who performed feats of strength, his gifts include musical theory, art, philosophy, math, architecture, museums, numerology, schools of knowledge, the Pythagorean Theorem, the numerical ratio’s of intervals in the musical scale, metempsychosis or transmigration of the soul, the Harmony of the Spheres, women’s equality, socialism and communism. Basically one could just say that he was the quintessential master for all of the liberal arts. Pythagoras believed that the elements of numbers were the elements of the world. And for all of these accomplishments, like Moses and Jesus, there is nothing written down or recorded as his knowledge was transferred directly through the spoken word. Only by acknowledging these great achievements of Pythagoras may we understand the integral role that he is about to perform as the Sole Ambassador for the Spirit, and the Collective, for he has worked in mysterious ways.

Our new millennium has so far only produced a race of young digitally rewired Lost Souls. Beings who are now beginning to suffer from a plague of mental illnesses, and various forms of dementia’s. We need a change and what better time than now could there be for the Comforter to come along and teach us new things, and bring back all remembrance at a time when Mankind is beginning to forget how to remember who they are, where they come from, and why they are here. For we are allowing the machines and artificial intelligence to do all of our thinking for us in the name of money, profit, disease, and sloth. We have surely lost our way. My name is Michael Dillon and as the Scribe and Channeller of this historic event I invite you to be entertained by my artistic websites where you may learn the laws and principles of the Pythagorean single digit math, music, and vibration.

Take this leap of faith by studying the Infinite Universal Codes, and you may be greatly rewarded by the remembrance of your Soul, and the gift of truly knowing yourself. Teach your children for this is a quantum matrix language that can be easily taught and witnessed when seen through the eyes of a child. By just adding and multiplying the integers and three digit codes of 1 through 9, you may be able to reintegrate, recalibrate, and reconfigure the neural plasticity of the human brain to open that extra 5 percent and use 15, instead of losing 5 percent only to be left with 5 percent. This is the current tragedy and dilemma that is now facing Mankind and the free thinking Sentient Celestial Soul that is residing within the vessel. The choice is yours as you may regain your numeracy and literacy by using your mind and instilling a mental discipline. This can be achieved by counting of the numbers from 1 through 9. Only by performing this numeric task and discipline every day for a mere 10 minutes can you expect to achieve the desired effect of opening the doors to your intellect. This will help you garner the Keys to the Kingdom, by using the analog computer which is your mind itself in the state that it was ergonomically meant to perform.

To be a Non-Believer is to figure out the riddle and paradox of life. This is our time, and it is far too precious for us to just let it slip away at the behest of those who would sacrifice your very Soul in the name of greed and selfishness. At our ongoing rate of destruction this planet will no longer be able to sustain us or itself as it is being consumed, decimated, and obliterated by the very devices and technologies that we employ. I beseech you to join me now and turn back the tide to a simpler time of logic, reason and enlightenment by becoming a Non-Believer, which in this new paradigm of deceit, corruption and betrayal, is the Sole Believer. Just take a good look at how the world has lost its way of common sense, and has become so dysfunctional, and you too may say I can’t believe this. You have now taken your first step in becoming a True Non-Believer.

Michael Dillon

Forces at Work

Forces at work are swirling all around us. You cannot see them but they are there guiding and directing us. They may also be misguiding or influencing us. These forces tend to amplify the personal power struggle that lies at the core of the human condition. The eternal battle of good versus evil.

Advances in the fields of medicine, science and technology have unleashed a desensitizing assault on our human nature. This action is taking it's toll by making us more and more machine like with less and less self-awareness of our existing environments. The end of Y2K and the beginning of the new millennium has heralded in the full scale onslaught of the digitalization of man. We are now firmly planted in the computer age, the greatest era of psychological manipulation and mind control known in the history of the world.

People are being conditioned en masse to believe that their voice does not count for anything or that there is nothing that they can do about it anyway. We are moving swiftly towards a one world police state based on fear and paranoia. Whereas we should be progressing as a people in a new age of enlightenment, we are instead devolving in our society.

Our time has come to fight the grip of the machine. Hang on to our traditional ways of life. Aggressively promote humanistic character traits through programs of sports, non electronic music and arts. Limit the number of hours spent on electronic games and pastimes including television and internet. And finally, focussing more energy on experiencing our memories as opposed to downloading our moments in time.

Wake up to that which is all around us. Open your eyes and your heart to the things that are really important to you. Free your mind from the negative thoughts that cloud your personal vision of success. Work diligently to fulfill your dreams and desires by targeting specific goals and seeing them through to completion. When something seems to be holding you back keep on persisting with your endeavours because whatever it is you choose to do in your life there will always be forces at work.

DEATH IN THE AIR: The live musical conspiracy rockumentary.

Released in 2009, my third CD, “Death in the Air” sets the stage for a second Canadian/Cubano co-operative effort with the exceptionally talented Cuban artist and sculptor Enrique Avila Gonzales. Enrique’s lush, surrealistic masterpieces vibrate with energy and convey the concepts of conspiracy theory, saving the planet, and the destruction of the world.

For this offering I have taken on a band name calling this work “Michael Dillon and the Non-Believers Live Radio Broadcast of Death in the Air”. I believe this project containing thirty tracks, consisting of fifteen speeches and fifteen songs, would make a wonderful off-broadway musical stage production reminiscent of an Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” type radio broadcast. This creation also marks the beginning of my fascination with numbers and numerology.

Album: Death In The Air
Track: Nothin Means Nothin
Album: Death In The Air
Track: Backlash
Album: Death In The Air
Track: The Beginning Of The End

FORCES AT WORK: The revolutionary rock art concept showcasing ten of the authors favorite musical creations.

In 2005, I released the CD “Forces at Work”. The concept focuses not only on the forces of man and revolution, but also the forces of nature and the Spirit of Man. The album art involves a Canadian/Cubano co-operative effort where I enlisted the help of my good friend, Cuban artist and sculptor Enrique Avila Gonzales to do all of the artwork. Enrique’s wonderful depictions of Che Guevera blended nicely with my first endeavor in speech writing, and started the beginning of a Spiritual awakening in my Soul.

Album: Forces At Work
Track: Curiosity Of A Child
Album: Forces At Work
Track: Forces At Work
Album: Forces At Work
Track: Good Friday